Celebrate the International Geodiversity Day at Corumbataí Geopark!

In 2021, the UNESCO General Conference approved the creation of International Geodiversity Day as a date to reflect and celebrate the role of Geodiversity in the development of societies.

Now, in 2022 it will be the 1st official celebration of the International Geodiversity Day and, of course, the Corumbataí Geopark could not be left out!

Information flyer for the Geo-Walk on Geodiversity Day

So that you can celebrate with us, we will participate in an Interpretative Geo-Walk through the Serra de Itaqueri, in partnership with the ecotourism agency Nas Nuvens.

The Itinerary for Geodiversity Day

The itinerary includes about 10 km of walking along the famous “Véia do Queijo” trail, accompanied by a lot of information about the Geodiversity and Geoheritage of our territory. After the walk, we head to the district of Itaqueri da Serra, a place that seems to have stopped in time. There we will have free time for lunch at the Ulisses Cozinha Caipira restaurant. After lunch, we will take a walk through the streets of Itaqueri visiting the house where Ulisses Guimaraes lived during his childhood, the bicentennial fig tree and the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

The Geo-Walk will be held on Saturday, 15/10/2022. To register, contact us by phone/WhatsApp (19) 98127-8879 or by email at contato@nasnuvensturismo.com.br. For more information, visit the agency’s website by clicking here.

To learn more about the International Geotourism Day or to see the different events that will take place around the world, access the official website by clicking here.

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