Guidelines for Visiting the Territory

The geosites are mostly located in the rural area so prepare well to visit a natural environment. Always be aware of external conditions.

Before leaving

  • Check the information on the website and other means of dissemination of the Geopark before planning your trip.
  • Check out the weather forecast. Do not visit the Geopark in periods of very rainy or dry weather.
  • Wear suitable clothing, sunscreen and always have a raincoat.
  • Inform family members about your itinerary. Avoid walking alone.
  • Bring communication devices, water, food and essential items.

Tour rules

  • Do not damage or remove any elements of nature.
  • Do not disturb or harm wildlife.
  • Do not deviate from the recommended tourist routes.
  • Do not walk close to cliffs due to the risk of landslides and rockfalls.
  • Do not climb on rock outcroppings or slopes.
  • Respect the communities of the geopark and its heritage.
  • Camp only in designated locations.
  • Observe safety warning signs at geosites.
  • Stay alert to climate and environmental changes.
  • Take your trash home.

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